Information Letter

The state scientific institution ” Center Glacier Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan” in order to implement the Order of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan dated 09.02.2023 No. AP-321 “On the main directions of the internal and foreign policy of the Republic of Tajikistan” (December 23, 2022) and the plan – activities of the Center on the implementation of the United Nations resolution “2025 – International Year of Glacier Preservation”, The international scientific and practical conference on the topic “Impact of climate change on the state of glaciers of the Republic of Tajikistan and protection of glaciers” and at the same time the contribution of sustainable development partners to the implementation of this resolution with the participation of  internal and foreign guests in person and virtual (offline and online) on December 15 2023 at 09°° in the meeting hall of the 6th floor of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan.

 Areas of work of the Conference:

  1. Modern methods of research of the cryosphere, glaciers and snow cover.
  2. The current state of the cryosphere, glaciation, glaciers and water resources.
  3. Climate change and its effect on glaciers.
  4. Methods of hydrochemical, radioisotope study and assessment of glaciers and the quality of water flowing from glaciers.
  5. Natural disasters related to snow, glaciers, glacial lakes and ways to reduce damage to the economy.
  6. Impact of ecological, sanitary and environmental conditions on glaciers and state of glaciation.

Working languages ​​of the Conference: Tajik, Russian and English.

Materials of the Conference are published in the scientific journal “Cryosphere”.

Requirements, decoration and procedure for receiving the materials of the Conference:

– text of the article: Tajik, Russian and English,

– volume of material up to 12 pages,

– presentation of materials using MS Word, Times New Roman font and Times New Roman Tj – 14 for reports in Tajik language

– the material should meet the following structural plan: – authors’ names, e-mails, name of the organization (city, state), main text, summary, list of literature, keywords, information about the authors, as well as a summary (annotation) in the language of the report. presented and translated in three languages ​​- Tajik, Russian and English;

tables must be named;

– pictures in *jpg format. Put a name and number under each picture and above the table of created objects;

– formulas with italics should be separated from the main text by an interval and numbered and placed in the center. Numbers should be written in parentheses and placed on the right side of the margin. The formula editor is Microsoft Equation;

– acceptance of materials for publication in printed form, one copy signed by the author and sent electronically to E-mail:, the list of participants of the Conference should be submitted by December 10 of this year.

 According to the proposed requirements, it is allowed to submit one article for one author and up to three other articles as a co-author. Materials that do not comply with the following requirements and the theme of the Conference and are not sent by the specified deadline are not recommended for publication.


734025 с. Dushanbe, Rudaki Avenue 33, State Scientific Institution ” Center for Glacier Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan”, 5th floor

Tel/fax: (+992 37) 2277741; 918985469


Register information (Questionnaire) and sample article on the Center’s website –


Application for participation in the scientific-practical conference on the subject “Impact of climate change on glaciers of the Republic of Tajikistan and protection of glaciers”

Surname, first name and father’s name  _____________________________________________
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Example of writing an article:


State scientific institution “Center for Glacier Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan”

Abstract: The article discusses the possibility of using multi-channel Landsat images to analyze the state and dynamics of processes occurring in natural ecosystems. The most common options for combining channels and an explanation of their physical meaning are presented. As a practical example, the calculation of the NDVI index is presented, which is an indicator of the photosynthetic activity of plant biomass.





Information about the author:


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