The main activities of the Department

  1. Execution of instructions of the NAST management and the head of  “Center for the study of glaciers of the NAST”.
  2. Development of methods and analysis of long-term series of observations of various natural and artificial objects in favor of solving various scientific and practical problems.
  3. Implementation of the introduction of modern technologies developed in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan for the study of projects.
  4. Training and education of specialists (mainly students and graduate students) on the activities of the department.
  5. Participation in national and international seminars, meetings and conferences.
  6. Organize the study of glaciers of the Republic of Tajikistan using modern innovative technologies and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  7. Collection, processing, systematization and development of a database on the state of glaciers in the Republic of Tajikistan and their impact on Central Asia.
  8. Access to scientific and experimental materials for the organization of high-quality scientific expeditions to the mountains.
  9. Development and publication of scientific articles in national and foreign scientific articles.
  10. To publish a collection of results of expeditionary research work of scientists and specialists of the department in the form of scientific articles.


The use of new modern technologies, including:

  • Drones for photographing difficult subjects
  • A drill bit for drilling ice
  • Makita for ice drilling
  • Space photography to explore the area