Laboratory functions

 Laboratory issues related to the development and use of laboratory water quality tests.

  1. Development of methods, laboratory technologies, as well as analysis of means for researching water quality and avalanches.
  2. Monitoring the state of the environment and cryosphere objects to study various natural processes on planet Earth.
  3. Development, presentation and implementation of new systems, laboratory for testing the quality of water, glaciers and avalanches.
  4. Development of remote control systems, laboratory equipment for water quality control.

The main activities of the laboratory

Development and maintenance of various scientific and practical systems for laboratory tests;

  1. Development of methods and analysis of long-term series of observations of various natural and artificial objects in the interests of solving various scientific and practical problems of laboratory studies of glacier water quality;
  2. It is necessary to consider the case of the introduction of modern laboratory technologies for monitoring the water quality of glaciers and avalanches on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan;
  3. Training and education of specialists and retraining of personnel in this specialty (mainly students and graduate students) in the laboratory;
  4. Participate in the development and holding of conferences and seminars on laboratory topics;
  5. Participation in national and international seminars, meetings and conferences;
  6. Preparation of scientific articles.