Head of Department: Lablabunova Zemfira

Department responsibilities

  1. The department deals with basic and practical issues related to the development and application of modern remote sensing methods and technologies:
  2. Provides scientific and analytical materials, scientific achievements of young researchers of the Center and their publications in scientific journals in the country and abroad, as well as in the media.
  3. Implementation of the relationship of the department with the development of international relations with foreign centers of glaciers, glaciology and cryosphere.
  4. Expansion of cooperation with international organizations related to the study of glaciers, glaciology and cryosphere.
  5. Involvement of scientists and researchers of the Center in international cooperation.

The main activities of the department

  1. Participation and appearance in the TV program “Science and Nature”.
  2. Creation and creation of the site of the Glacier Center.
  3. Preparation of scientific articles and holiday materials.
  4. Carrying out research, consulting, experimental design, technological, informational and other work in the field of organizing distributed information systems, mainly focused on satellite monitoring, to solve fundamental and practical issues;
  5. Development and implementation of investment projects at national and foreign levels.
  6. Promote the attraction of foreign investments to the Center.
  7. Training of specialists (mainly students, undergraduates and postgraduates) on the activities of the department;
  8. Participation in the development and holding of conferences and seminars on the subject of the department;
  9. Participation in republican and international seminars, meetings and conferences.