Meeting with international guest Astrid Lambrecht of the Bavarian
Academy of Humanities Munich, Germany with activists from the
Association Women and Glaciers of the Center for the Study of Glaciers ofthe National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan».



Within the framework of the “National Strategy for Activating the Role of Women in the Republic of Tajikistan”, the Association “Women and Glaciers” ofthe State Scientific Institution “Center for the Study of Glaciers NAST” organizes various events to attract women to the study of glaciers, develop knowledge and skills in conducting fundamental and scientific research, also identifying new innovative ways of study and exploring glaciers by women. On June 18, within the framework of the work of the Women and Glaciers association, a meeting was held with foreign guest Astrid Lambrecht from Munich, Germany of the Bavarian Academy of Humanities.

The activists of the association gathered at the round table, where during the discussion Astrid Lambrecht, a glaciologist from Germany, shared her personal experience and knowledge in conducting scientific work. This meeting was very informative as she has specialized in glacier research in Central Asia for the last 15 years.

The roundtable meeting contributed to the acquisition of new necessary skills and knowledge required for the study of glaciers, and it also touched upon several very important issues in the study of glaciers by women.
Our round table participants were delighted with her work, as she began her career by exploring Antarctica.
At the end of our meeting there were many questions and constructive communication with positive wishes for further cooperation and work in the future